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Spending & Allowance

How can my kid spend money from the Vircle account in School?

To spend money – whether it be food or items, your kid must use the Vircle School Card when paying.
Kids’ spending account is funded by the cash allowance provided by the parents through Vircle. To spend the available balance on the Spending Account, kids only need to tap their Vircle Card upon purchase at the School Point of Sales.

What is Spend Anywhere and Spend a Specific Store and how do they work?

Spend Anywhere – allow your kid to spend his/her balances at any store they wish. If your child is using the Vircle School Card, this is limited to school stores.
Spend at a Specific Store – is an allowance which your kid can spend at stores you allow. If your kid tries to purchase from a store not included in this category, the payment will be denied.

Can I mix and match allowances?

Yes we see many parents do this. For example, if your child has a large purchase that needs to be made from the bookstore or require to pay some fee at the office, you may give those as “Spend At Store“ allowance so it does not get mixed up with Canteen food allowance.

How do I set up an allowance for my kid?

From the Allowance tile on the kid tab of the Parent Dashboard, parents can set allowances to pay out daily or any day of their choosing. You can also allocate allowances to transfer to “Spend Anywhere”, or “Spend at Specific Store”. Here’s how to get set up:

1. Navigate to your kid's dashboard and tap on the Cash Allowance tile.
2. From here, you can choose between “Spend Anywhere” or “Spend at Specific Store”.

In Spend Anywhere, you have 2 types of cash allowance for your kid;

Spend Anytime – This cash is valid until it is fully utilized or reaches the expiry date (if any). 1. Enter the Allowance Amount Select “No Expiry” or “Set Expiry” if you wish for the allowance to have an expiry date. 2. Click on “Create Allowance” to complete the process. Daily Limit – Recurring daily allowance with daily spending limit on selected days. 1. Enter the Allowance Amount to be deposited into your kid’s account on a daily basis. 2. Select the desired dates to have spending limits. 3. Click on “Create Allowance” to complete the process.

How do I access my kid’s spending history?

We have made it super easy to check your kid's spending history.
1. Navigate to your kid's dashboard.
2. Click on the Spend History.
3. You then have the ability to filter by the last 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days as well as type of transactions such as Payments, Refund or Cancelled.

What are meal plans and how do I purchase it?

Meal plans are published by your school cafeteria and are offered as daily, weekly, monthly, or term-based plans for in-school dining. If your Kid's school offers this, it shall be visible under your kids’ profile page.
Meal plans are paid in advance via the Vircle app by the parent. Money will be deducted from the Parent e-Wallet – Available Balance directly for meal plans, NOT from your child’s cash allowance on card. Please have sufficient available balance on your parent wallet (you may see this on your home screen). Please note that all prepaid meal plans are NON-refundable by the store owner. As such please make sure you only purchase them when you have decided to put your kid on a pre-paid meal plan or as mandated by your kid's school.

To purchase a prepaid meal plan, follow these steps:
Step 1: Navigate to your kid’s dashboard. Step 2: Tap on Prepaid Meal Plans (some schools call it Meal Plans). Step 3: Select your kid’s Year and Class. Step 4: Select the available meal plans (see meal dates on description). Step 5: Tap on View Menu to see all available meals. When ready just tap on + circle button to select a meal for a specific date. As you select meal items, the Review Order bar below will refresh. Step 6: Once you are ready, click on Review Order, if all is good, click on Pay Now. A purchase confirmation screen will appear and if you have sufficient Available Balance, it will allow you to proceed. Else it will request you to top up. Step 7: If you have enough Available Balance, click on Confirm after and enter your 6-digit User Pin. The purchase should process, and you should see a confirmation pop up. If the purchase fails, please try again or contact customer care. That’s it! Your meal plan for your kid has been purchased.