Diet is the number 1 cause of non-communicable diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Malaysia is rated the fattest country in South East Asia, and one of the fattest in the world, with the prevalence of diabetes rising rapidly.

Nurturing a positive diet behaviour at a young age reduces the probability of your child being struck down early by an NCD later in life, and reduces the chance of suffering from being overweight.



Higher consumption of specific foods, such as fruits, vegetables, or dairy products, is associated with better grades among students.
When it comes to helping your children achieve their better selves, it is essential that they develop good food behaviours. It is the responsibility of parents to nurture good food behaviour of their child.

That’s why Vircle is all about building new habits that make your children feel great and achieve more academically.

Cashless, Health, Wellness

Nurturing healthier, brighter and more
responsible kids.


Regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia
1st approved & regulated E-wallet in Malaysia to allow children to be part of a parent Ewallet. 

Real-time Notification on spend

Receive Spend notifications each time an approve spend has occured

Secure Spend Approvals
An encrypted Digital rights security mechanism makes sure your child only has access to spend approvals you give and not your entire wallet balance

Visibility on purchased products

We profile hundreds hundred of products sold through Vircle. Know exactly what has been purchased with your money (available on select stores).

You control what you give

As a trustee to your child, you decide if you give your child a cash spend approval or you may pre select items from the store your child could consume

Secure Banking Gateways

All your top ups are done through secure payment gateway providers who employ bank grade security protections to make sure your money is never lost.



For younger kids, parents can select food using the food traffic light system.

By selecting healthy options, parents can train kids taste buds at an early age and protect them from harmful foods and drinks.


Parents can give older kids the responsibility of selecting their own food.

The food traffic light system enables parents to monitor their child’s purchasing behaviour and intervening when required.

Using Vircle parents can help their children develop their children’s purchase and consumption behaviour, so that it becomes an important foundation skill for their lives.

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