Register Parent Account

How do I register a Parent Account on Vircle?

Once you have successfully downloaded the Vircle application and powered it on, you will be prompted either to LOGIN or to SIGN UP.

If you have already registered before, proceed to LOGIN, else click on SIGN UP.
You will be prompted to enter the following: Name: Email Address: Phone number: Password:

Password confirmation
Password must be minimum 8 Characters, includes at least 1 small, 1 capital alphabet and numbers.
Once your basic account has been registered, you will be required to access our terms of use, followed by the E-wallet activation screen. The E-wallet registration details are required by law, inclusive of a "SELFIE" photo. Please note that it's an offence to give false information here as the Wallet registration is governed by the Financial Services Act 2013. Congratulations, you are not a Vircle user and will be taken directly to your Vircle Home dashboard.