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Add Child

How do I register my kid?

Each kid you register in Vircle must be provided with a unique Vircle QR code, either through an invitation brochure or Vircle card. This should be coordinated with your respective schools. (For School) To add a kid, from Parent Wallet Home Screen: 1. Tap on the "Add Child" button 2. Select either “School Provided QR Code” or “School Provided E-Invite Code”. 3. If you selected “School Provided QR Code”, your phone will automatically open up the camera app to scan the provided QR Code. 4. If you selected “School Provided E-Invite Code”, enter the invite code into the text box shown. Once that is done, you will need to enter the following: -

  1. Photograph selfie of kid
  2. Full name as per IC
  3. Nationality
  4. NRIC Number or Passport number
  5. Date of birth
Confirm and you are done. Your kid will now appear under your "My Family" list on the home screen.