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How can my kid see their Missions list?

Kids will need access to the Vircle app on their smart device to be able to view their Missions list on their own. Step 1 : Open their Vircle app and scroll to the "Missions" section of their dashboard. Step 2 : From the “Active” tab, they will be able to see what Missions they need to complete that are either one-time or weekly Missions. Step 3 : Once the Mission is completed, parents have the option to “Approve” the Mission and deposit the rewards in money or “Stars” into the kid’s account.

How are Stars different than Money?

Parents can choose to reward their kid with monetary value or non-monetary value. For example:
Parents should reward their kid with “Money” if they desire to reward their kid with cash to spend at stores. Eg: Making their bed will reward the kid RM5.00
Alternatively, parents should reward their kid with “Stars” if they desire to reward their kid with some TV screen time. Eg: Making their bed will reward them with 30mins of watching their favorite cartoon show.

How do I add money to my Kid’s General savings account?

To add money to your kid's General Savings:
Step 1 : Navigate to your kid's dashboard. Step 2 : Tap on the Savings tile. Step 3 : Click on “General Savings”. Step 4 : Click on “Transfer”. Step 5 : Enter this amount you would like to transfer into your kid’s General Savings. Step 6 : Click “Confirm” to complete the process.
Your kid’s General Savings balance will update automatically.

What is My Earnings Summary?

The My Earnings Summary provides a summary of all Stars or Money earned by a kid through completing tasks and missions you assign. Each time a parent approves a Mission, Stars or Money get added into their Earnings Summary. These rewards remain in the Earning’s Summary until it is claimed. To claim, navigate to My Rewards.

How do I create a Missions list for my kid?

To set up a new Mission for your kid: Step 1 : Navigate to the kid's dashboard and scroll to the "Missions" section of their dashboard. Step 2: Click on "New Missions." Step 3. : You may enter your own missions title and description or select any of Vircle’s preset missions by clicking “Choose Mission”. Step 4 : Once you have set the mission:

  • One-Off: If it’s a one-time chore that can be completed anytime, enter the reward amount in “Money” or “Stars”.
  • Fixed Date: If it’s a mission that must be completed by a specific date, enter the due date and the reward amount in “Money” or “Stars”.
  • Weekly: If it’s a weekly chore, select the days of the week you would like the chore to be completed and enter the reward amount in “Money” or “Stars”.
When you are finished, tap "Start Mission Now"

How do I approve the Missions that are completed?

From the Missions page, click “Approve” on any mission you desire to approve. A pop-up will appear for confirmation. Click “Confirm”. Your kid’s Earnings Summary will be credited with stars or money which are pre-determined when setting up the Mission. Do note that for money reward, there will be no impact on the Parent’s eWallet until you choose to cash out the rewards through “My Reward”. If you wish to undo an approval, just tap on “Undo”.

Can I create my own Missions for my kid, or do I have to use one of the preset Missions?

All Missions are completely custom to what you would like your kid to do. However, parents also have the option to select preset Missions created by Vircle when creating your kid's chore list.

What is the difference between a one-time chore and a weekly chore?

One-Off : A one-time mission is a single chore with no due date and can be completed anytime. It does not need to be repeated on a regular basis. Fixed Date : A fixed-date mission is a single chore with a single due date. Weekly : These are weekly Missions that will be repeated