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Making "Payments that Matter" with Confidence.


In our everyday lives, some payments are more important than others. These are payments that you want to ensure lead to good purchases and give you the results that you desire.

Vircle gives you the payment control and purchase visibility, that provides you with the confidence that your important payments are spent well and not lost or mis-used.

As well as being ideal for parents and schools, there are many other "payments that matter" that can benefit from using Vircle. These include the giving of funds to special causes, which we call Trusted Giving, and families sending payments to their loved ones who are in prison, which we call Family Pay.


Today’s Giving Value Chain for donations introduces a large gap between Givers and Beneficiaries.

As a result of this Giving Gap, the Beneficiary receives a fraction of the initial intended amount, and may not spend it on the intended purpose. Not surprisingly, potential Givers lack trust in the “Giving Value Chain” as there is no transparency and no meaningful connection with Beneficiaries.



Payment Channels






Item Purchase



Local Good




With Vircle, someone giving a fund to a beneficiary can select the items to be provided as well as state the conditions the beneficiary must meet to be allowed to receive the benefits given - helping to drive behavioural change.

Heart & Hands

Vircle helps bring the Giver and the Beneficiary closer together, enabling 100% of funds provided reaching the intended purpose at the intended time and place.


Caring with Confidence

Increasing trust in the act of giving by enabling an ecosystem in which nearly 100% of what is donated will actually be received by the intended beneficiary.

We call this gap between givers and beneficiaries of the Giving Gap. Vircle connects givers donations directly to the benefits received by people in need.

Potential Givers are reluctant to give donations because they know that a large share (30% to 60%) of what they give will not be received by the person in need. This is because the Giving Value Chain of charities, payment channels, distributors, logistics and last-mile NGO’s leads to leakages.


Reducing and eliminating The Giving Gap


Control and Visibility of Benefits Given

Donors are able to have full control of what they give. They can select who they give to, what they give (whether money or items), where and when the benefits are picked up. Once they have selected the benefits they are given, they can monitor if these benefits have been used or not.

With Vircle a donor only makes a payment when a beneficiary actually receives their benefits. The payment is made directly to the point the benefit is received, it is not paid at one end of the Giving Value Chain in the hope that it reaches people in need.


Payment on Receipt of Benefits


Escaping Poverty

A key capability of Vircle is the ability to associate benefits with activities – to create change. Take the example of a poor family, where the children have poor nutrition and do not go to school.

The benefits to the family are linked to the children going to school and after school tuitions where they receive dinner. As the children go to school, they are more likely to get better salaries and can help their families break out of poverty. (Please see our blog to find out more about this real case).


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