Vircle is an open cashless school solution built with children in mind, enabling a safe nurturing ecosystem where schools and parents work together to make a child’s diet a foundation for a successful life

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At Vircle we believe that cashless in schools should have stronger value to society than simply converting physical cash to digital cash.​ For that reason we built Vircle, an inclusive, child focused cashless solution with parents as trustees and schools as nurturing partners.


We have built a powerful tool to enable financial literacy and address a global  epidemic of  childhood and adolescent obesity and undernourishment. 

We release features every month to get better at what we do. Join us and become a Vircle school today!

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Improving Parent 

The school canteen is a key “moment of truth” for parents when evaluating a school.
Vircle makes the school canteen a positive experience for parents by giving them visibility and control of what their children are eating and purchasing at school.


Food Nutrition 

Vircle uses a food traffic lighting system to help parents identify how healthy the different canteen options are.

They can use this food traffic lighting system as a guide when selecting food for their children and to monitor their children’s selections.

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Hassle Free and Secure

Schools can significantly reduce administrative costs, or admin overheads, by adopting Vircle. Our system is designed to migrate existing ways of cash-based purchases to a more streamlined and efficient cashless process.

As a cloud-based solution, deploying Vircle does not require a school to make any expensive purchases of hardware or software. This also removes the need for costly operations and maintenance costs.