Get Started

How do I sign up for Vircle?

If you're a parent, guardian, or will be the Primary Accountholder who funds your kids' Vircle cards, follow these quick steps to get started: Start your family Vircle account in just a few steps: Sign up for a Parent Account: Download the Vircle app from Google Playstore or Apple AppStore and register for a Parent account. Adding your Kid: There is no limit to how many kids you wish to add. Each kid you add will automatically get their own Vircle debit (VISA) or prepaid (School) card. View our plans here. Verifying your identity: We only need your name, email address, IC number to ensure the safety of your account, your funds, and your kids' cards. Setting up your Parent’s Wallet: The Parent's Wallet is a virtual wallet where you can load money from your credit/debit card or bank account. The money you load is yours, and after signup you can transfer money to your kid whenever, wherever, and for whatever. Funds in your Parent's Wallet can also be used to cover your monthly Vircle subscription fee after your first month. After signing up, your kids’ cards will automatically be created and typically take 7-10 business days to arrive. In the meantime, log into your app to help your kids set up their profiles, and start realizing the benefits of Vircle!

How long does it take for my kids’ prepaid Visa card to arrive?

All standard Vircle Prepaid cards will ship at no cost to you and will take 7-10 business days to arrive at your doorstep!

How much does Vircle cost?

There are 2 plans that are offered:

Vircle Basic – this is a completely free plan that offers the core tools for kids to save, spend, receive allowances.

Vircle Pro – this is a paid plan that costs RM8/month per kid. The Vircle Pro plan offers all of Vircle’s core tools and an educational platform from earning, saving and investing. Kids learn about money management while parents approve where their kids can spend at. Your first 3 months is on us and you can cancel at any time. See our Plans page for more details.

Aside from our monthly fee, there are no other hidden or extra fees unless your kid loses their Vircle Card. We offer one free replacement card. Any subsequent replacement cards you may need will be RM10 each.

Will Vircle work on my phone? What are the technical requirements?

The Vircle app is compatible with Apple and Android phones and devices!


To download the app on your iPhone, you'll need an Apple iPhone 5S or a newer device running iOS 12 or above. You can access the Vircle App from your Apple App Store. If your iOS device is older than iOS 12, you can continue using the Vircle app, but you will not be able to update to new app versions and may miss out on new features. Click here to learn how to update your device's operating system. Android To download the app, you'll need an Android Smartphone running version 6.0 or later. Vircle can be downloaded from your Google Play store. If your Android device is older than version 6.0, you can continue using the Vircle app, but you will not be able to update to the new app versions and may miss out on new features.

Do I need to open a new bank account?

Nope! No new bank account required. Loading funds is super simple, everything is done in the Vircle app.

Why do I need to make an initial load during registration?

Adding funds from your credit/debit card or bank account is the final step to complete your registration with Vircle! The money you load is yours and will be available to you in your Vircle Parent’s Wallet. When you’re ready, you can move any amount to your kid’s account instantly and set parental controls.

What can I do before my kid's Vircle card arrives in the mail?

There are many things you can do with Vircle before your kid's prepaid card arrives in the mail including:
- Adding funds to your kid’s account so that they can start spending.
- Set up missions, cash allowances, or any of Vircle’s spending controls (Spend Anywhere or Spend at Specific Store). - Add a Savings Goal and give your kids extra motivation to save up for something special.

How can I check my kid's spending history?

We have made it super easy to check your kid's spending history!

1. Navigate to your kid's dashboard. 2. Click on the Spend History. 3. You then have the ability to filter by the last 7 days, 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days as well as type of transactions such as Payments, Refund or Cancelled.

What is Allowance Given, Available Balance and Parent Wallet?

Parent Wallet: This is where all your top up money goes. It's safe and secure and your kid has NO access the money you have in Parent wallet. Allowance Given: Whenever you approve an allowance for your kid to spend, the amount is set aside in the allowance given bucket. This money still sits with you but your kid has permission to use it. If you decide to set an allowance with an expiry date, the amount automatically reduces in allowance given and money goes back to Parent Wallet upon its due date. Available Balance: Available balance in the parent dashboard is a summary of how much money from your ewallet you can still allocate to your kid.

How do I activate my kid's Vircle card?

Login to your Vircle app: 1. Tap on Card Holder Profile 2. Manage Card 3. Activate Card 4. Scan Card in camera frame 5. Create and confirm your 6-digit card Tap to Pay or ATM pin There you have it! You have successfully activated your kid’s Vircle Card.