It’s Child’s Pay

Nurturing healthier, brighter and more responsible kids.


Cashless with a mission

Vircle is a child-centred ecosystem of services that helps schools and parents to nurture good eating and purchase behaviour – leading to healthier, brighter and more responsible kids.

Vircle is enabled by our state of the art cashless app

  • Give spend approvals

  • Visibility of what is purchased

  • Control of what is purchased

  • Food nutrition guidance & tracking



 Improve your

child's health

Nurture good eating and spending habits


School Payment

Help your child achieve academically

Simplifying school payments


Nutrition Scoring

The traffic light Nutrition Scoring system on food shows you whether food is high, medium or low in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt. This helps you make healthy choices for your children

Green    :  A Healthier Choice

Amber   :  Consume with moderation

Red        :  Eat in small amounts or occasionally


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