How To Guide

Step by Step User Guide

Step 1 : Parent Account Registration

Once you have sucessfully downloaded the Vircle application and powered it on, you will be prompted either to LOGIN or to SIGN UP. If you have already registered before, proceed to LOGIN, else click on SIGN UP. You will be prompted by several welcome splash screen before being show the registration screens of Vircle. You will be prompted to enter the following: Name: Email Address : this will also be your login email and account identity
Phone number :
Password :
Password confirmation
Password must be minimum 8 Characters, includes at least 1 small , 1 capital alphabet and numbers. Once your basic account has been registered, you will be required to access to our terms of use, followed by the E-wallet activation screen. The E-wallet registration details are required by law, inclusive of a "SELFIE" photo. Please note that its an offence to give false information here as the Wallet registration is governed by the Financial Services Act 2013. Congratulations, you are now a Vircle user and will be taken directly to your Vircle Dashboard.

Step 2: Registering your Child or dependant

Each Child you register in Vircle must be provided with a unique QR code by Vircle, either through an invitation brochure or Vircle card. This is done through your child's school.

To add a child, from Parent Wallet Home Screen:

a) Tap on "Add Child" button

b) Choose "Scan QR"

c) Click next and Register your child details

d) You must be put accurate child info as this is rgeulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.You will be required to provide the following data when adding Vircle Friends into your trusted friend list.

1 - Photograph selfie of child

2 - Full name as per IC

3 - Nationality

4 - NRIC Number or Passport number

5 - Date of birth.

e) Confirm and you are done. Your child will now appear under your "My Family" list on the Home screen.

The Virle Friend page has several options :

Settings Icon - Allows you update your child's Photo, remove your child from Vircle or update your Child's QR code to a new QR code. Health - Available to participating Schools. The Vircle health service enables parents to have detailed analytics, insights and nutrition details on the food choices children make in schools. It allows parents to coach children and schools to gamify healthy eating with the aim of solving childhood related non-communicable diseases linked to food intake. Spend History - Details of all purchase transactions done by your child using allowance you have approved for them. Spending - All approved allowance, purchased meal plans will be visible here.

Step 4: Giving a Spend approval to your child

There are several types of spending approvals you can give your chil depending on what is supported by your school or the Vircle service you are subscribed to. Typically we currently support 3 Approval Types; 1- Cash Allowance - Allows your Child to spend an approved ammount of cash at the selected stores and dates you have determinedor at any stores that accepts Vircle. 2- Order & Pick Up - This is when you pre-select the products from the store which your child can pick up. Not All store owners support this currently. In order and pick up, no upfront payment is taken. Payment is only deducted when you child picks up the item you have entitled. 3- Prepaid Meal Plans - Specifically for use in schools which support meal plans pre-selection. This allows parents to pre-select and pay for meal plans offered by the school canteen. Not all users will see meal plans as its dependant on the school enabling it for parents Once you have determined the type of spend approval, you will be prompted to fill up the details of your approval. This is where you as a provider will be allowed to set the rules on how your spend approval can be utilized. Spending Categories: Spend Anywhere Your child will be able to use this allowance at anystore that accepts Vircle. Spend at Selection Store Select a specific store where your child may spend this allowance at. You will then be prompted to enter your spending limits, amounts and expiry. Once done, please hit Approve and then Confirm. You will be prompted to enter your 6 Digit Transaction PIN and upon completion, you are done.

Step 6: Tracking child spending and consumption

From your Child's Detail Page, Tap on Spend History. It shall list all payments made by your child. From Parent home screen, the history button gives you a birds eye view of the spending of your entire family.

Vircle Parent Account Requirements

Overview Vircle is Malaysia's 1st central bank regulated parental-controlled E-wallet to enable a wallet user (A Parent) to securely onboard a trusted dependant (child) into their e-wallet and provide for them spend approvals or purchase school meal plans for them, paid for by the wallet user. Most ewallets in Malaysia are built for personal use and does not allow a wallet user to allow an external person to consume from their wallet.

Who are the users in a Vircle system ?

There are 3 key users in a Vircle platform.

  • The Vircle Wallet User (Parent) – this is an individual user or parent providing spend approvals to any child or dependant.
  • The Vircle Child – A child or dependant issued with a valid Vircle QR code or card, provided for by a school and registered into the Vircle app by a Parent or provider who performs a child identity registration into Vircle.
  • The Vircle Merchant Store – A legal business owner who has signed up as a merchant with Vircle and completed a business validation and compliance process.

A Vircle Wallet user (Parent) onboards a child or dependant registering them within the parent app. If you are are using this app for your school, your school should give you a personalized QR code for your child. If you have not received it, please reach out to your school or our support team.

Vircle User Smartphone Requirement:

A Smartphone with the following Minimum OS versions are required;

Google : Android OS Version 8 and above

Apple : iOS Version 11 and above

*The minimum OS versions are dictated by the Bank Negara Malaysia for security reasons for all new payment wallet providers. As Vircle deals with child identity and security, we have utmost value and strict adherence to security of the devices we operate on.

The Vircle account owner (parent) must adhere to the following requirements to own and operate a Vircle Wallet Account.

  • Age Requirement:
    You must be at least 18 years of Age to register for a Vircle E-wallet. if you are below 18 years of age, please obtain consent from your parents.
  • Valid Identity:
    Please have a valid Identity as recognized by the Malaysian legal system. If you are a Malaysian Citizen, Malaysian NRIC number will be required when registering for an account If you are a non-Malaysian with Valid Residency pass, a Passport number is required. Non Residents foreigners are NOT allowed to use the Vircle service.

Vircle Terminologies:

One registered into the Vircle application, a Parent user should familiarize with Vircle terminologies used in the app. There are several terminologies to parents navigate through the cashless experience provided for by Vircle. Here are some of them;

Parent Wallet : This is where all your top up money goes. Its safe and secure and your child has NO access the money you have in Parent wallet. Allowance Given : Whenever you approve an allowance for your child to spend, the amount is set aside in the allowance given bucket. This money still sits with you but your child has permission to use it. If your child's allowance expires, the amount automatically reduces in allowance given and money goes back to Parent Wallet. Available Balance : Available balance is a summary of how much money from your ewallet you can still allocate to your children.

Step 3: Top up my ewallet?

To top up your E-wallet, from your Vircle Home screen, "Top Up" Button. Select Payment Methods, supported are ONLINE BANKING & CREDIT CARD * Take note of our top up rates as there are charges for Top Up. Some Top up channes are free while others have a fixed cost. You will be routed to our Top up gateway from Ipay88 and follow through the top up process.
Some notes: If you are using cards, IPAY by default sets "Save Card" for future use. Some Malaysian banks do not allow this and if your bank rejects your top up, try again by NOT enabling the save card function.

Step 5: How to Purchase a Meal plan for your child

Meal plans are offered at some schools which use Vircle. Meal plans are published on specific dates for order and must be ordered within those dates.
To purchase a meal plan: 1) Tap on your child's Profile
2) Tap on New Approval, Purchase a meal plan
3) Enter Child's Year and Class and hit next
4) You should view all available Plans NOTE : If you see NO plans available, reach out to your school or canteen. It means they have not published meals yet for purchase. Each school and canteen have their own processes for meal plans as such if you do not see meals, please reach out to the canteen or school 5) If you do see Plans, you can browse and select one of your choice. To see details of the menu, you may download a PDF file in the "Download Menu" link. Again, this PDF is owned and updated by your provider, not Vircle. 6) Select the meal products you required and hit confirm. 7) You will be prompted to allow location check. Please select Yes, While using the app. This is a security mechanism to make sure no one is trying to hack your device to use your E wallet funds, as such we check the device location when making in-app purchases. 8) Enter your 6 digit PIN and it will deduct money from your wallet and prompt you to make daily selection.