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Product Disclosure Sheet

(Read this Product Disclosure Sheet and the terms of use before signing up for a Vircle Visa Card.)


1. What is this product about?


This Vircle Visa Prepaid Card (“Vircle Visa”) is a prepaid card which carries the VISA payment features and issued under a licensing agreement between Debit Circles Sdn Bhd (“Vircle”) and Visa Card issuer Fass Payment Solutions Sdn. Bhd (“Fasspay”).


Any user who registers and activates a Vircle Electronic Wallet (“Wallet”) account shall be regarded as a Principal Wallet Accountholder (“PWA”). As a PWA, you may register with a valid identity, approval, legal consent and activate Supplementary Account Users (“SAU”), one or more of your dependents (such as children, parents or trusted persons) (“SAU”) for whom you will provide spending allowance from your PWA Wallet balances to be spent based on limits you have set using the Vircle Visa card.


A PWA user account comes with a maximum wallet limit of RM10,000, subjected to the requisite Customer Due Diligence (“CDD”) and electronic Know-Your-Customer (“eKYC”) verification and approval by Vircle and Fasspay.


The Vircle Visa can be used to make cashless payments in retail and e-commerce stores where Visa is accepted. The value deducted from the card is limited to the amount of money approved by the PWA to the SAU and subject to the stipulated spending controls at the time of purchase.


All Vircle Visa cards are issued with contactless functionality and once the Vircle Visa is activated, Vircle Visa can be used to purchase goods and services worldwide where Visa is accepted and also to withdraw cash at ATMs displaying the Visa name and/or logo. Contactless Payment allows you to pay amounts up to RM250 (Ringgit Malaysia Two Hundred Fifty) only per transaction without entering your PIN on applicable contactless readers. To activate contactless payment, please make your 1st card payment via chip and pin.


Funds deposited through Vircle Wallet account shall not accumulate interest nor any sort of earnings.

2. What are the features of this card?

3. What are the fees and charges I have to pay?

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*Changes in fees and charges will be communicated to you at least 21 calendar days prior to effective date of implementation.

4. What are the key terms of use of this product and what are the obligations of the PWA?


  • You are required and responsible to provide personal information that are true, up-to-date and complete during account creation stage for both your principal and supplementary account creation.

  • You agree to provide personal information that are true, up-to-date and complete as requested from time to time by with Vircle and Fasspay.

  • You are personally liable and responsible for keeping secure your Account log-in details, Password, Pin Number and all other information relating to your account.

  • You are solely and fully responsible for all transactions performed against your Wallet, including (but not limited to) your personal transactions using the Vircle Wallet or Visa Prepaid card and all transactions performed by any SAU’s for whom you have issued Vircle Visa Cards to in strict accordance with the terms of use of the Agreement and all other terms and conditions as set out within our terms of use page

  • The Vircle Visa Card is non-transferable and shall only be used exclusively by the registered card user it was issued for. This is either yourself as a PWA or a SAU whom you have authorized and issued a card for. If you as the PWA or one of your SAU allows another person to have access to your Vircle Visa, such access is deemed to be authorised by you.

  • Vircle and Fasspay reserves the right to suspend, revoke and/or block any top-ups to your Vircle Visa if either party suspects or has been informed by any party or authority that you are using Vircle Visa to conduct transactions for illegal purposes, and both Vircle and Fasspay shall be entitled to cancel or block the transaction and/or block, suspend and/or terminate your Vircle Visa without any liability to Vircle or Fasspay. No refunds will be processed for Vircle Visa which has been blocked and/or terminated due to fraudulent, suspicious activity or for accounts dormant for a lengthy period of time with minimum balance.

  • You agree to undertake to pay all fees arising out of and in connection with the use of your Vircle Visa pursuant to the Agreement. The fees paid are non-refundable under any circumstance whatsoever.

  • You agree to raise any complaints and disputes regarding any incorrect Service within 21 days of the transaction, or of you becoming aware of the fraudulent usage of the Vircle Visa.

*Please read the full Terms of Use of Vircle before signing up for a Vircle Visa.

5. What are the major risks?


If the Card is lost or stolen or you suspect that the cardholder has been a victim of unauthorized transactions, you must Freeze your card immediately through the Vircle Mobile Application. You can request for a card replacement by accessing “Manage Card” function in your Vircle Child Profile Settings.


You shall be liable for such unauthorized transactions until the Card is blocked. Fasspay and Vircle may, at their absolute discretion, resolve that your liability be limited to RM250 provided you are not found to be negligent or have not acted fraudulently.


When you use your Vircle Visa to perform an online transaction to purchase goods and services, you are fully liable for the transaction effected through the use of your Vircle Visa information and OTP.


If you fail to notify Vircle in writing of any errors, discrepancies or inaccuracies of your Vircle Visa transaction within twenty-one (21) days from the date of the transaction, you may lose your right to dispute the transaction and the debit entry to your Card Account in respect of this transaction shall be deemed final and conclusive.


6. What do I need to do if there are changes to my mobile number?


It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact details to ensure that all correspondences reach you in a timely manner.


To update your contact details, you may reach us via one of the following channels:


Vircle Whatsapp (Chat with us from 9am-5pm): +6011-1117 6000

Vircle Support Email:


7. Where can I get further information on the Card?


You can obtain more information through our website ( or reach out to Vircle Support through the following channels:


Vircle Whatsapp (Chat with us from 9am-5pm): +6011-1117 6000

Vircle Support Email:

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