Vircle brings Givers and Beneficiaries closer together. Increasing the confidence amongst Givers, that the majority of what they give will reach its intended destination, for its intended purpose. In doing so, it increases the benefits that Beneficiaries would otherwise receive.


Today’s Giving Value Chain for donations introduces a large gap between Givers and Beneficiaries. In this gap, multiple continuous payment channels are inundating potential donors with requests for donations and funds.

The payment channels are driven by costly cause-related marketing activities conducted by sponsoring brands and charities. The charities decide how the donations are distributed and used, and then distribute them locally to local good causes and beneficiaries – in the form of cash or goods.

As a result, the Beneficiary receives a fraction of the initial intended amount, and may not spend it on the intended purpose.


Not surprisingly, potential Givers lack trust in the “Giving Value Chain” as there is no transparency and no meaningful connection with Beneficiaries


Vircle is a trust platform connecting Givers and Beneficiaries.

Vircle provides Giver’s with the confidence that their donations and subsidies will actually go to the intended destination and be used in the intended way.

Vircle provides the Giver absolute control of what, when, how and for whom they give – down to the actual Beneficiary. Beneficiaries receive their benefits using QR codes or mobile devices.

Receiving is not limited to those with digital access. Receiving is extended to those without.

Leakage is drastically reduced as payments are only made when Beneficiaries receive their entitlements. Payments are made at the end of the Giving Value Chain, not through it.

Givers can monitor and track their entitlements – including those that were never used.

This is the Vircle Way of Trusted Giving.


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