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Vircle for Schools

Improving parent's experience with schools, through a BNM regulated cashless system.
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School-safe payment card

Get a Vircle card or re-use your existing school MIFARE card as a Vircle payment card. Its safety comes from our parental oversight features and BNM E-Money Regulations.


Automate Meal Plans 

Our in-app meal order system automates end to end  processes & enables parents to monitor their child’s nutrition intake, whilst complying with COVID-19 SOPs for a safe and healthy child.

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Hassle-Free Management

Simplify management practices with Vircle: issue new or replacement cards, balance checks, integrated POS and cash agent top-up through a single business app. Built with your School's needs in mind.


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Cashless Nuturing

Vircle brings both parents and school together in the journey to raise money smart, healthy and responsible children.

For Schools

  • Reduce COVID-19  transmission risks through bank notes.

  • No cash means no missing money, stealing or bullying.

  • Become a truly digital school, meal orders, school commerce, payments, all fully automated.

  • And...don't sweat about compliance, we handle all the heavy lifting on regulations

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For Kids

  • Simple card for quick transactions.

  • Security features means they won’t lose any money if they lose their cards.

  • Learn and experience money safely under parental guidance.

  • No worries on carrying too much cash or forgetting to bring cash - our allowances are instant.


Get in touch with us now to understand how the new BNM draft regulations 2021 affects you.

Are you currently using a pre-paid card in your school?

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