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Vircle Meal Plan Guide

Learn all about the new Vircle Meal Plan ordering process, get merchant contacts and read about common parent problems and how to solve them

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Meal Plan is now a Simple 3 Steps Process!

Please make sure there is sufficient funds in your Parent Wallet - Available Balance before you start purchasing meal plans. 

Step 1 - Set Class & Select Plan
Step 2 - Browse & select meals 
Step 3 - Review order & pay 

Note : You don't need to select meals anymore after completing your purchase. We have simplified the process for you.

Meal Plan Step by Step Video Guide

Here is a step by step guide video on how to purchase meal plans


Are Meal Plans Mandatory?


Where does money for Meal Plan payments come from?


How do I get a Refund?


What are the opening and closing times of meal plans?


I forgot to order meals for my child, what do i do?

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