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Vircle Missions

Missions teach kids about accountability and responsibility. Let them earn rewards by completing missions you assign to them.


Get Started with Vircle Missions

Assign missions (task and chores) to your child. Let them complete it. You approve it and they get rewarded. Starting your child's missions is a simple 5-step process. 

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Step 1: Create a new mission for your child 

Step 2: When your child completes a mission, they can mark them as “done” in their app or you can do it for them if they do not have their own device or logins. 

Step 3: If your child has marked a mission as completed, it will await your approval to be accepted. If you mark a mission as done using their own logins, you do not need to mark it as completed. 

Step 4: When a mission is marked as complete, your child earns stars or money in their “missions bank”. 

Step 5: Trade stars or money for rewards anytime. 

Missions teach kids accountability and responsibility

Reward in Stars or Money

Choose to reward your child in Stars or Money!

Stars are like points. Use points to trade for rewards such as screen time, ice cream or extra game time.

Ultimately, you get to decide what a star is worth!


Flexible Mission Types

We've made creating missions for your kids easy!

Choose a Mission preset by Vircle or customize missions to your preferences.

You can also customize weekly, one-off, or missions with a fixed date.


Assigning Missions to your kids

Choose a mission type or customize them to your preference!

From your child's profile page:

Step 1 - Select Missions.
Step 2 - Click on "New Missions" in the missions dashboard.

Step 3 - Enter the title and description of your mission.
Step 4 - Select the type of mission (weekly, one-off, fixed date) or select any of Vircle’s preset missions by clicking “Choose Mission”.
Step 5 - Enter the desired amount of Money or Stars.
Step 6 - Select "Start Mission Now"

You set the Missions,
Kids earn from them!

Choose to reward your child in Stars or Money! Stars are like points, you get to decide what a star is worth! Money is well... Money!

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Kids mark missions as done

Kids can mark a mission as completed through their child logins if they have a mobile device or you may do it as a parent.

Step 1 - Tap on "Missions".
Step 2 - If a mission is completed, just mark it as "Done".

Parents may view completed missions that are ready for approval within each child's missions page.

Approve when your kids complete a mission!

When you approve a mission, rewards are immediately sent to your child's account!

Step 1 - From your child's missions page, click on "Approve" once your child has finished the mission and approve it.

You're done! Your child has now been rewarded and this should be reflected in your child's My Earning Summary. 


Missions Step by Step Video Guide

Here is a step by step guide video on how to use Missions


What is My Earnings Summary? 


How are Stars different than Money?


How do I approve missions that are completed? 


Can I remove or delete a chore from my child's Missions list? 

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