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Vircle Savings

Guide your child to learn how to save. Learn about Vircle savings, goal creations and auto-save. 


Get Started with Vircle Savings!

Starting your child savings journey is a simple 3-step process


Step 1: Transfer money into your child’s General Savings 

Step 2: Create a new savings goal for your child or if your child has their own logins, they can create their own goals (see Child Logins for details) 

Step 3: Let the magic happen. Vircle’s autosave will automatically transfer money on a weekly basis from their General Savings into each of their savings goals. 

Vircle Savings teaches your kids the importance of savings

General Savings

General Savings is like a piggy bank.

Parents can deposit money into their kid's General Savings anytime.

Kids can allocate them to their Savings Goals.


Savings in Goals

Savings in Goals sums up the total amount of money allocated to their Savings Goals.

Savings Goals

With Vircle's Savings Goals we've made it easier for you to enable your child to establish responsible savings habits by setting Savings Goals to save for specific purposes - such as a new bicycle, phone, game, or adventures!


Set Goals for your loved ones or set it themselves

Goals help your child achieve remarkable things, responsibly. Monitor your loved one's savings goals and guide them to achieve them! 

From your child's profile page:
Step 1 - Select "Savings".
Step 2 - Click on "Create New Goal".
Step 3 - Input Goal details.
Step 4 - Click "Create Goal" and you are good to go! 

Note : Once your goal has been created, Vircle automatically moves money from your child's General Savings account to each goal every 7 days. 

Give your kids a helping hand

Help your child achieve their savings goals by giving them a boost! Transfer money into your child’s goals, to help them reach their goals faster! 

Step 1 - Tap on the goal you want to boost.
Step 2 - Transfer money into a specific goal.

Example: If a Goal is RM 100, and it has already saved RM 50 via auto-save, you may Boost up to RM 50 which will then complete the goal.


Approve Savings Goals in Cash or Allowances

When approving savings goals, parents have a flexible choice to pay their kids in either cash or in the form of Vircle Allowance. 

From your child's profile page:
Step 1 - Click on Approve when the savings goal is completed
Step 2 - Select "I will pay in Cash" or "Give as Vircle Allowance".
Step 3 - Hit confirm if "Give as Vircle Allowance is selected".

You're all set!

Savings Step by Step Video Guide

Here is a step by step guide video on how to use Savings


How can I kickstart my child's Savings?


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