Money-Smart Kids

Helping Kids Learn & Experience Money Safely
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Why Vircle?

Our mission is to help parents raise money-smart kids safely, by teaching them how to Earn, Spend and Save Responsibly.
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Experience is Learning

Get chores & tasks done with rewards, teach them the value of money and encourage responsibility 



It's Child's Pay!

Set allowances and monitor purchases via real time alerts. Budget spending by time or store.



Get Saving Now

Cultivate a regular saving habit and identify needs from wants!

Built By Parents for Parents

Instant Allowance & Alerts
Approve instant allowance with spending rules and budgets, get alerts when your child spends
Develop Savings Habit

Cultivate a regular saving habit and identify needs from wants!

Accountability & Responsibility
Encourage responsibility through chores, tasks, etc.
Freedom to Experience & Learn
Weekly or monthly, you can set it and forget it.
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Raising Money-Smart Kids

Vircle is an app for parents and card for kids which allows parents to give pocket money, teach kids to safe and spend responsibly at any vircle compliant school or in over 70 million visa merchants worldwide.

The Vircle platform for schools allow schools to go contactless and cashless from ala-carte purchases to school meal orders.

Blogs & Insights!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Vircle?

Any Malaysian Citizen or Foreigners with malaysian Residency pass/Visa holder, who is 18 years of 18 and above with a Valid Mobile number can register and activate for a parent wallet account. Each parent may have any number of children registered under their parent account as dependant. A Child need NOT have a mobile device.

Is Vircle Safe?

Vircle is fully regulated under the Bank Negara Malaysia's Financial Services act as a e-money service operating under Principal license Fasspayment Sdn Bhd. We employ the same Bank Grade security protocols you would expect from all E-wallet players in Malaysia and over and above as Malaysia's 1st Parental Oversign Payment service, we employ multiple controls and safety features to protect your child's payment card and Parent Wallet.

Where can my child use their Vircle Card?

The Vircle cashless School card can be used at over 25 leading schools in Malaysia while the soon to be launch Malaysia's 1st and truly Child Safe Visa Debit card can be used at over 70M VISA merchants worldwide.

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Join Vircle Now

Sign up to our priority list to get access to the Vircle Visa Debit Card.
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