Helping Parents nurture smart, healthy 

and responsible children.

Malaysia’s First

Parental-Controlled Nurturing Solution

Vircle enables parents to safely introduce children to the world of contactless payments, teaching them responsible spending and consumption habits.

Cashless Nurturing

Our unique cashless nurturing approach brings control and visibility to parents on multiple aspects of their children's lives, from responsibly spending to good eating and saving habits.


Built by Parents for Parents

  • Get nutrition insights on food consumption in school

  • Gain insights and visibility into all purchases

  • Nurturing life skills into children around responsible spending and saving 

  • Give Cash or Non-Cash spend approvals 

  • Select and set how approvals may be spent

  • Contactless

    Cash has been identified as a  potential hygiene issue for schools as a result of COVID-19. Vircle’s cashless solution will make transactions convenient and hygienic.

  • Nurturing

    The Vircle gamification engine helps to nurture your children to develop healthier eating and purchase habits.

  • Payment Control & Visibility

    As a trustee to your child, you decide and have visibility of the spend approval you give your children.

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