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Vircle Careers

Vircle is Malaysia’s 1st startup focused on cashless payments and nurturing for children aged 5 to 18. We are the 1st regulated payments service by BNM enabling a parent and child relationship within a single payment system, giving parents control and visibility on digital allowances alongside insights into food intake of children, nutrition, financial literacy and behavioral change, all through our exciting gamification concepts.

We have spent over 15 months in research and development with a team that includes dietitians, psychologist, psychiatrist and banking experts and market tested our products and are currently rolling out via partners. Given the Covid 19 demand for cashless, we will be running large scale  roll outs in H2/2020 all through 2021. We are now expanding the founding team to the early leaders who will be setting the foundation of growth for our next phase.

Our mission is simple, we want to help parents Nurture Smart, healthy & Responsible children and this is done through data driven insights into multiple aspects of the child's daily consumption and actions.  We are looking for people with a mission to impact the lives of children and help parents with a new engagement platform for the parent child relationship. 

Remuneration:  Any combination of salary, equity, mix, sweat, love, chocolates for the right person.

Send CV with Job Role to :

Attention to :  Lina

V003 - Operations (Up to Country Head of Ops - MY) - You are the pillars of our front line.

Operations are the heart and soul of the company. You may have great products but without a great team to engage customers and delight them with our products, customers will not love us enough to continue to use us. We are looking to grow ops by 6 headcounts, including bringing in a strong senior country operations head.


You love structure but at the same time understand the importance of being agile in s startup. We run the entire company on Agile, not just our products. Weekly drumbeats, follow ups and actions in Kanban views.


You love working towards our mission to positively impact lives of children , the under privileged and also the B40 society through our extensions into the financial inclusion use cases.


Fresh Graduates on-wards are encouraged to apply.

  • Basic understanding of operations & processes. 

  • Will be involved in pre-sales prep phase, partner school onboarding, parent support & post live services

  • Ready for the next phase of D2C coming later in 2020 where we will operate a banking grade service (shhhh!)

  • Able to define processes required to simplify and automate work

  • Able to travel and spend time with schools, parents and kids during launch phase (happy)

  • Excellent communication skills in English & Fair with BM.

  • Mandarin is a plus but NOT mandatory.

  • Experience in customer care, chat usage, customer support & online liaison with clients.



  • Experience 2 years on wards in technology, startup, payment operations or client engagement roles, above 5 years for intermediate to Senior Ops Role.

  • Fresh Grads are encouraged to apply as we will hire a mix of fresh & experienced talents.

  • Prior start-up experience is highly desired, even if you have failed or been retrenched.

  • Strong knowledge on tech and agile is plus, any additional skills is a plus too.

  • Able to get started and hands wet immediately upon on-boarding and work with minimal supervision remotely

  • Have skills in 1 or more of the following, Field operations, customer care, tech support, process automation, compliance operations (banking).

  • Understanding cashless domain, wallets, commerce, child nurturing, diet & wellness etc will be highly desired.

For those with > 6 years ops experience.

  • Prior start-up experience is a Desired, Our ideal senior ops or country ops head should have experience setting up operations from scratch for a D2C or B2B2C services.

  • For head of Ops position, you will define the country operations structure, processes and automation needs

  • Oversea agile development sprints (added PD responsibility) either directly or with our R&D PM.

  • Define processes, from engagement, integration, on-boarding to support handover

  • Define support processes with support partners

  • Take ownership for end to end operations services and be responsible for NPS scores.

  • Play a role in the early discussion and definition of process for 2 other countries Vircle will be entering into.

  • Most importantly, you can hustle, lead, mentor and grow a team and are passionate about our cause.

Locations: KL, Penang, Johor

V005 - Product Engineer/Manager – The hacker

You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with cross-functional teams to design, build and roll-out product features that support the company’s vision and strategy. As one of our first product hires, you’ll collaborate closely with founders while playing a critical role in our powerful mission of delivering the most effective and accessible child nurturing solution in the country and soon region.

Our expectations are that you love innovation, new ideas and have the ability to turn an “aha” moment into a functional, build-able product by the engineering folks. More importantly, you are passionate about our mission. We have a dozen Aha’s already defined to get you started. Feel free to challenge us.

Product owners with good tech & product background and from Psychology, nutrition & Dietetics , fin tech or startups are highly desired.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Product ownership of the Vircle Mobile application OR features (depending on your domain experience)

  • Decision making based on stakeholder engagement, user interviews, and product metrics.

  • Writing product requirements, crafting user stories, and owning components of 2 week agile product sprints with coaching, design, and engineering.

  • Managing and grooming a backlog

  • Create high-level mock-ups and sketches either by yourself or with fellow product UX engineers, and work with design and engineering to bring them to life.



  • > 2 years of product management experience with agile practices in a STARTUP

  • Demonstrated experience with mobile apps, and understanding of iOS & Android

  • Experience in managing B2B2C (and/or) B2C products.

  • Strong quantitative and qualitative data skills, ability to make data-driven decisions, experience with different analytics tools, and familiarity with A/B testing methods.

  • Attention to detail, with the ability to write comprehensive user stories and low-level product requirements. Able to challenge engineering when they say, its not possible

  • Excellent written, communication, analytical skills, with an ability to effectively present to executive staff and key stakeholders

  • Design-driven, with a good understanding of product design principles. Having the ability to design is a plus.

  • Experience in the child nurturing or payment space is a plus.


Most importantly, you have the passion and love of building products to impact the lives of children with parents in the driver’s seat.

Can you relate to this? Then come speak with us.

Location : KL

V007- Software Engineers – The hacker(s)

You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with cross-functional teams to design, build and roll-out product features that support the company’s vision and strategy.  We are looking for highly energized developers from 2 years up experience on-wards.

We are hiring up to 12 positions across Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • You know agile and love writing code & can work in a highly energized environment where we deliver 2 weekly agile sprints into UAT.

  • Able to translate a concept or requirement into code that is compliant to the company’standard, is scalable and efficient. Though new, we already have coding standards and re-usable components.

  • Having experience in SW development/Quality processes like CMMI is an added advantage

  • Most importantly, you have worked with startups and understand the high paced demands from a startup working environments .

  • Experience in developing financial services application is a BIG plus, example payment gateways, wallets, encryption payment messaging, PCI DSS etc.

  • Willing to continuously learn new technologies and frameworks adopted by the company

  • Understanding on security aspects of developing financial services applications is highly desired.

  • Good communication skills in English.

Basic Experience:

  • Experience with RDBMS like MySQL, AWS Dynamo DB or Mongo DB, both structured and no-structure data models

  • Experience with back-end technology like Java, NodeJS

  • Experience with front-end technology like Ionic 4, Angular 7++

  • Experience with web service technology like SOAP, REST etc

  • Experience in AWS Cloud Formation, AWS lambda (using nodejs), AWS dynamodb, MongoDb

Added Experience:

  • Experience with CI CD tools like Jenkins etc.

  • Experience with Cloud Technology like AWS, Ali Cloud, GCP etc

  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes etc

  • Experience and knowledge of  Firebase Store, Firebase Notifications, Rocket  etc.

  • Experience in using Spring framework like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud etc

  • Experience with developing Cordova plugins.

  •  Working with ELK Stack

Additional temp roles:

  • If you have NO IONIC experience, we are also looking for a team of 2 senior React-Native developers for a 2 - 3 month contract to start with.

Location : KL, Malaysia & Jakarta, Indonesia

V006 - Data Engineering , Visualization and Analytics – The insights hacker

  • Our current data stack remains in AWS in a no-sql structure streamed to a Rockset collection with custom back end reports built making SQL queries against Rockset.

  • Our intent is for you to study the data stack, amend, update and integrate to build dashboard in the least cost efficient manner.

  • It will be great if you also know technologies like airtable, zapier, process automation tools which can be triggered based on data detection from our platform. Example, if user makes action A, trigger email with XYZ format.


  • Must understand databases well, AWS Sql/NoSql, DynamoDB, MongoDB.

  • Have experience or understand how Rockset works or equivalent NoSQL or SQL Stream tools.

  • Have decent technology skills and understanding on API, API calls, API keys, Zapier, Airtable, Twilio API’s etc to leverage the best tools on the internet which can be used to automate data related processes. Why build wen we can leverage integrated platforms?

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