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A simple money app for your child to learn & experience money safely in school & everywhere.

App for Parent, Card for Child.

Vircle School Card


School pocket money linked to a school safe card and parental oversight. Use Vircle to give daily, weekly , monthly allowances or order and select meals from the comfort of the app.

Vircle Visa Debit Card (coming soon)


Malaysia’s first and truly child-safe Visa debit card with parental oversight & access to over 70 million Visa Merchants worldwide.

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 One Family One App 

Setup a Vircle parent account in just a few minutes and onboard all your kids.

💸 Set spending rules

Teach kids how to budget and spend through our parental controls.

🗝 It’s Child Safe

No overspending, child card only has access to approved allowances, not your entire wallet balance.

📅 Approve Instant Allowances

Give pocket money anytime, anywhere. No hassle of carrying cash.

🛎Receive instant spend alerts

Worry-less on your kids spending! Instant notification to parent app.

📃 Regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia

Vircle Visa Debit card & School Cashless Card for Kids is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia and allows kids to shop both in-store and online.

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Cashless Nuturing

Vircle allows parents to teach their children about earning, saving and spending. All which are important financial skills for their future
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For Parents

  • Safe and secure view of your kid’s finances

  • Instant spend notifications

  • Set spending limits

  • Oversee savings goals

  • Instantly transfer funds

  • Lock card instantly if lost

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For Kids

  • Understand the value of money

  • Lean money-smart skills from parents

  • Develop earning, saving and spending skills

  • Responsibly earn money via chores

  • Good saving habits

  • Lock card instantly if lost

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  • Easy freeze of card if lost or stolen
  • Real-time spending notifications
  • Vircle automatically blocks unsafe spending categories

Safety and Security 
First. Always.


Malaysia’s First and only “Child-Safe” Visa Debit Card for Kids

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Why Parents Love Vircle

Your Child nurturing companion!

Vircle is the 1st Family eWallet focussed on helping parents raise financially smart kids. We turn every parent to a real world digital bank, currently with our child safe, school friendly cashless school card and soon the Vircle Visa Debit Card, Malaysia's Truly Child safe Prepaid Debit Card.

How many children can i manage?

Each App user may manage up to 6 Children on the Vircle app.

Does my child need a phone?

No, your child does NOT need a phone. They get a card and you get an APP. NOTE : End 2021, we will enable child logins (optional). You will as a parent Tap your child's Profile -> Settings & Activate child logins. Your child can then download Vircle, they DO NOT need to register, they can directly login using the activation email and password you created for them.

What are the key features of Vircle?

Vircle broadly allows you as a parent to teach kids the following: 1) Responsible Spending - Through our parent guided Allowance Control 2) Vircle Savings - Through our in App Savings module 3) Vircle Missions - Set goals, missions tied to both monetary and non-monetary rewards. Let them learn independance through chores & tasks and earn their rewards regularly.

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