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Child Logins

Activate app login for your child and let them have their own view on their allowances, create their own saving goals, receive and complete missions assigned from you.  

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Let’s get started – Enable Child Logins

Starting your child's savings journey is a simple 3-step process

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Step 1: Activate your child’s app login in child's profile settings.

Step 2: Enter your child’s email ID and phone number with a default password 

Step 3: Ask your child to download the Vircle app and directly login with the phone number and email ID you have created with the default password.  

What can my child do with Child Logins?


View all allowances and meal plans bought for them

A comprehensive dashboard for your child to view their available allowances and meal plans.

Your child can change their meal selections if they want, anytime.

View & manage Savings

  • Your child can view available money in General Savings and create their goals 

  • View the progress of their weekly auto-save into their Savings goals. 


Manage their Missions

View all missions assigned by you for each day. 

Once completed, they can mark each mission as completed 

Once you have approved the missions, they can view the accumulated rewards they have received 

They can also request for rewards, and you can choose to approve for reject reward requests 

Step by step to Activate Child Login

Watch this guide video to see how Vircle App works OR you may browse down for step by step guides.


Can my child use their mobile phone to pay? 


Can my child change their login password?


How do I deactivate my Child’s Login?


Can my child transfer money from my account to their account?


Can parents change their child’s login password?


Can I reuse the parent’s email address or mobile number to create a new child login?

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