Fees & Charges

E-wallet Top Up Fees

Vircle E-Wallet Top Up’s are done through regulated, secure banking services partners that charge a fee for all Wallet Top Ups.  The following electronic top up service fees are currently charged to Vircle Wallet users for Top Up to Vircle Wallets.

Online Banking : RM 1 per top-up (regardless of amount) *

Credit/Debit Card : 2% of Top Up amount

* We do have good news though, Online Banking Top Up Fees are Absorbed by us until further notice.

Usage Fees

Usage fees are our income in exchange for providing this service to you. We strife to keep these fees as low as possible at all times. The following usage fees are applicable when you use the Vircle service.

RM 0.10 per purchase OR consume transaction at any Vircle Stores*

A fixed monthly subscription fee of RM 5.00 per Vircle friend, for an unlimited number of transaction*.

* We do have good news though, all Usage fees are waived until further notice.

All Fees & Charges are already inclusive of any applicable taxes.


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