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Vircle News Update

28 January 2023 - Vircle 2.2.11 goes live. Learn what's new!

Updated Home screen - We have updated the home screen with new icons and new buttons on your child listing card. We note many parents often forget how to transfer money to their children. Hence we brought "Transfer" button out.


New Icons - You will notice a refresh group of icons now across home and child account pages


pin2pay - a new major feature is out. With Pin2Pay, parents or children who need to transact at a Vircle merchant but dont have their Vircle cards may now generate a pin2pay code and show merchants. As parents you can now use your child's allowance to pay at school. This feature is school dependant and will roll out progressively in February.


Content strips - you can now see a content strip about different Vircle services from home screen.

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