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General Information

What is Vircle?

Vircle-short of Visible Circle, is a state-of-the-art solution that allows you to use your Vircle E-wallet to approve spending and consumption for others directly. While most E-wallets requires the wallet owner to be present during payments or is built for personal use, our unique solution has enabled the 1st 3rd party secure consumption from your E-wallet. The Vircle launch is focussed on cashless school with focus on health and wellbeing of kids, followed by our trusted giving social aid disbursement service. Using Vircle, you can safely provide spend approvals to your Child from your Vircle Wallet and track their spending and consumption.

Now, how does this help me as a parent?

Our 1st Launch is targeted for Parents, Kids and the cashless school environment where mobile phones are not allowed. Through Vircle, parents can digitally provide spend approvals to their children, have control and visibility of what their children spend and consume at school. Digital approvals are either mapped to the kids existing student cards, wearable devices or QR cards supplied by Vircle through your child's school.

Vircle is more then a cashless solution for schools. We have spent over 1 year studying the topic of Child Health and Well being and to begin, we help children live healthier lives by tracking, profiling food choices children make in school, nutrient intake of those food choices and providing parents with feedback on quality of food children are consuming in school. For our launch, as a provider, you can click on any consumption transaction and if the consumption is of food item, you will be able to see the Nutrition score of the consumed food. As we progress, we intend to bring you a more extensive nutrient and diet feedback based on your child’s consumption habits.

Besides wanting to help kids have better diet, we aim to aid parents with other tools that addresses the overall nurturing gaps of children. We work closely with a team of Clinical Phycologist and Dieticians that have helped us build a one of a kind program focused on kids. We will roll this out in phases over the year 2020.

How does Vircle work?

With a Vircle app on the phone, Parents can select to approve for their kids several types of spend approval, depending on what your school supports:

Cash Approvals – You set a specific cash amount kids are allowed to spend and the limits, enabling children to spend on whatever they want within the limits you set.

Item Approvals* – You select specific items kids are allowed to purchase or pick up in any stores within the school.

Meal Plan Approvals* – You to pre-select and pay school meal plans by term and keep track of your child's consumption.

Access Approvals* – You authorize and pay for your child to access/attend certain services as such as school class attendence, trips, event fees etc.

*You may not see all the above approvals in your app as these are being rolled out in phases with your child's school.

Your child then uses his or her school card, Vircle Wearable OR Vircle QR Card to scan their identity at a specific store and spend. When they spend on a cash approval, you will get feedback on exactly what they had purchased. For Item approval, you will know exactly what item was picked up at the designated store. For all food consumption, food nutrition value is scored and shared with you in your transaction history.


VGIVE is short for Vircle give, it refers to any approval you give as a parent to your child. A VGIVE approval includes approval of where your child can spend (approved store), when they can spend, type of approval, if it’s a cash approval or specific item approval and how frequently it can be used, a one time approval or daily recurring approval.

V Give are just approvals, no money is deducted from your wallet when you give an approval. Money is only deducted from your wallet when your child spends a VGive approval in the stores you have specified. Consumption of VGIVE approvals are done by you child using their existing student card, Vircle Wearables or QR cards supplied through the schools.

V Receive is intended for use with older kids and in environments where mobile phones are allowed. V Receive is what the recipient sees when they have their own Vircle account. With V Receive, the recipient of a V Give approval may use their own Vircle account and mobile phone to consume the approvals, without needing a student card or a Vircle QR card. V Receive will be activate later in 2020, allowing kids with mobile phones to consume approvals outside the school at Vircle approved outlets.

V Friend are anyone you have scanned and brought into your friend list, including your child. You can only provide V give approvals to anyone in your V Friend list.

What are the steps required to fully use Vircle?

Follow the following steps to be fully ready to use Vircle. You may find guide videos on our website which may help you through the process.

Step 1: Download the Vircle App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Step 2: Register for a Vircle Account, Choose “Sign up” once your app has fully loaded. You will also be required to activate your Ewalet during this process.

Step 3: Add a V Friend. You would have received an welcome pack from us, distributed through the school which contains a QR code specific to your child. Follow the instruction and register your child’s personal details and health input.

Step 4: You will now see your Child listed under Vircles Page. Click on your Child’s photo and you will see details of approvals your child has. To provide your child a “V Give”, click on the Green icon on the low right side of your screen such as the following:

within your childs approval and it shall start the V Give approval process.

Step 5: Now that you have given a V Give approval, DO NOT forget to top up your wallet with money, else when you child tries to spend the approval, it will be rejected. Click on the Vircle logo at the center of your app or Go to Settings->Top Up Wallet and top up your wallet.

Step 6: Now you are ready, you can go back to each approval you have given and see how your child has spent and on what he or she has spent. For Food spending, you will now have visibility on nutrition score of what your child has eaten in school.

What is the difference between a V GIVE and a payment?

A VGIVE can be thought of as a approval to pick up items or to select items (if the VGIVE is money). When you give your child a VGIVE approval, no money is deducted from your Wallet. When your child actually picks up the item at a store, the payment to the merchant is made directly from the Vircle app to the merchant. No money is sent to the child or placed on the Childs’ digital id.

Why am I asked for my personal details such as NRIC or passport number?

Vircle uses the Electronic Wallet (E-wallet) technology to store your money digitally. E-Wallet is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) under the Financial Services Act 2013 (FSA). As part of this regulation, we are legally required to know our customers through a legal and valid idenitity when storing and paying using the E-wallet. This is in order to make sure the technology is not used for illegal activities, such as money laundering, gambling etc. For this reason, we are legally obliged to collect and securely store your identity data, which is protected through our Terms of use and privacy policy.

Can I have multiple Vircle Apps?

As per BNM regulations, each mobile number may ONLY be linked to 1 Vircle Account. If you wish to have multiple Vircle Accounts, you may do so using a separate mobile number and phone.

Would 2 parents be allowed to manage a single Vircle V Friend?

At the moment, we do not allow a second parent/provider to scan and add a child into their Vircle friend list. Once a child has been scanned and added into 1 providers' Vircle application, the system would not allow them to be scanned and added into a 2nd Vircle application. This is done to safeguard your Childs' security as we do not want a 3rd party person in future to add your child to their application and have access to your child's information. However we will solve the problem of dual parenting soon. We intend to add an additional feature in early 2020 to allow the primary parent to invite a secondry parent to share the V Give burdon between 2 parents. We appologize for not being able to roll this feature out before our launch but stay tuned, it will be out very soon.

I forgot to top up my e-wallet, what will happen?

The payment process will fail if you had given the child a spend approval but have NOT topped up your e-wallet. Always make sure at the beginning of the day, you have sufficient wallet balance to cover for all spend approvals you have given to your child.

What happens if my child loses the QR card or School ID.

If your child loses his QR code or ID, simply inform the school and request a replacement. Within the vircle App, select the Child profile, select Settings and you will see an option called update QR. Click on Update QR and follow the process.

How does Vircle Protect privacy?

Vircle is governed by several laws of the country. Under the PDPA Act, we are legally bound to protect your identity, not disclose or sell any raw personal data to any 3rd parties. On the Wallet side, we are governed by the BNM Financial Services Act 2013, which has strict compliance requirements on data privacy. On technology security, all money movement, wallet top ups are done through secure PCI DSS security infrastructure. In layman terms, PCI DSS is bank grade security infrstructure and processes which needs to be adhered to before central banks allows our banking partners to operate. As a service provider, we have strict requirement to meet before we are allowed to integrate with these banking partner. How do we use user data? We use data generated from this platform to enrich you, our customers with insights on diet, wellbeing, spending and more. Hence, we process your consumption data to provider powerfull insights and intelligence back to you. We would from time to time share data with our partner schools and research partners but only anonymize data (example % of users, data based on collective age groups of users etc), i.e we will NOT share any identifiable personal data about you, our customer, or your V Friends (your child) to any 3rd parties. We would on certain circumstances be required to share actual personal data with regulators as stipulated under the laws of the country and that too only through formal investigative enquiries . Rest assured as a startup, we intend to grow big, trust worthy and note worthy on our social impact to society, we strife to take every steps required to continue to gain that trust from you.

Health & Wellbeing

How do I know if my child's meals are healthy?

Vircle brings expert nutritionists to review and grade every food item sold in your child's school canteen. We collect many nutrition details and nutrition content through these grading. To begin with, we provide a nutrition score display back to parents using what is called the Food Traffic light rating.

The Traffic Light ratings are an internationally recorgnized model and tells you if a product is low (green), medium (amber), or high (red) in these food components, based on widely-accepted nutritional standards.

Red – indicates a less healthy choice; fine for an occasional treat, but think about how often you choose it and how much of it you eat.

Amber – this choice is OK, but going for choices labelled green is better.

Green – a healthier choice."

How do I find out more info on this Traffic Light rating system?

Pls refer to this webpage:

How do I enter my child's allergies in the app?

When you onboard your child onto the app, you will be required to key in personal details of your child into the app. this includes regulatory information we are required to capature by Bank Negara Malaysia and you will also be prompted to set your childs health and well being data which helps us better provide for your child's needs.

Health and wellbeing data collected from you includes your Childs' weight, height, allergy details and also specific notes you woud like to write to any store owner whom interacts with you child.

If for example your child has limited ability in learning, hearing or speaking and you would like a store owner to take extra caution, you may add these into notes and when your child interacts with the store owner, these notes will be displayed to the store owner.

Why does the app not have information on preservatives, colouring, additives and allergens?

At this stage Vircle does not include information on colours, preservatives, additives, or allergens. However we are collecting additional ingredient information, working closely with canteen operators at your Child’s school and our nutritionists to better profile the food quality. We intend to have these additional data in the upcoming versions of the app will aim to include even more functionality.

Why should I be concerned about choosing healthy food for my child?

Many everyday school foods can be high in salt, fat (including saturated fat) and sugar. They can also be high in energy (kilojoules), thanks to growing portion sizes. All these factors can contribute to health problems like obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure), type 2 diabetes and high blood cholesterol. In turn, these can lead to a greater risk of heart attack, stroke and some cancers. These conditions develop during childhood and would be even worse during adulthood. Making even small changes to our diets, like consuming less salt, sugar, fat (especially saturated fat) and energy (kilojoules), can prevent many of these health problems.

What has Vircle got to do with Health?

Childhod Obesity and Malnourishment is one of the biggest challenges of modern day with up to 1.65M Malayian kids and up to 30% of Asian kids expected to be Obese or malnourished by 2025. There is ample literature showing that this has direct impact on academic achievement of kids in schools. The founders are parents of young children too and we felt its a big enough problem to quiet over 20 years of our corporate careers and invest all our live savings to look into this issue. We wish to address this problem by helping parents gain insights into eating habits of children in school, followed by other powerfull analytics and guidance which impact a kids academic acheivements. thus far, this has been a challenge to researchers and clinicians due to the following; 1- lack of entry points to collect data which helps detect children's eating habits and nutrition intake early on to predict and give parents early indication of problems to come. 2- lack of an entry point to guide parents into corrective actions early on to build healthy eating and nurturing habits, inclusive of financial literacy for the young. Parents usually turn to help when their kids show symptoms but usually there are time bound signs which can be picked up by our AI engine which we train based on the food consumption of kids. 3 - General lack of awareness of what is right and wrong. Proactive education. Hence we built a cashless solution which is NOT just focussed on cashless but one which works with our Partner schools to analyze all food items being sold in school, nutrition content of those food and eating habits of kids which may have long term impact of a Childs' well being. This is then profiled against the Ministry of Healthy Recommended Nutrition Intake which is tailored to your Childs age, gender, BMI value etc. Vircle is a "Cashless Solution with a mission", a mission to enrich the life of the people that matters to us, our Kids. Vircle - The Circle that Matters!

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