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Welcome to Vircle

Dear Parents, Welcome to Vircle VISA.

This Parent onboarding guide site provides you with all the required information to apply for a Vircle VISA prepaid card and get your child going cashless anywhere outside of school! 

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Before you start

Please ensure you have the following set up:    

1. Download the Vircle App


* Minimum Supported Version - Android 8.1 and above and Iphone 8 plus and above

2. Register for a parent account. Steps to do so here -  

3. Add your child as a supplementary user. Steps to do so here - 


Lets Get started - 3 Step Application process

It takes less then 5 minutes to register a VISA Card for your children!




Step 1 
Complete premium wallet upgrade in topup page

Step 2
Apply for a VISA
prepaid card

Step 3 
Activate Physical Card and start spending!

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First : Complete premium
wallet upgrade 

Step 1. Login to your Vircle app 

Step 2. Tap on “Top up” 

Step 3. Tap on “Upgrade to premium wallet”  

Step 4. Follow the instructions in your screen to upgrade your wallet status.  

Note: Please ensure details keyed in 100% matches the information in your identification card. If your upgrade hits an error, you have 2 options

1) Upgrade using the app again or

2) Submit a manual upgrade request - VIRCLE Manual EKYC Form.

Second: Apply for a VISA prepaid card 

Step 1. From your child’s profile page, select “Manage Cards”.  

Step 2. Tap on “Apply for VISA Prepaid Card”.

Step 3. Tap on “Select Card & Subscription Type”.  

Step 4. Fill in your child’s preferred cardholder name (max. 16 characters)  

Step 5. Select the payment plan (monthly or annual)  

Step 6. Fill in your shipping address.  

Step 7. Tap on confirm. Your child’s Vircle VISA prepaid card will arrive within 14 business days at your doorstep! 

Note: A Vircle Club Joining fee of RM 20 will be deducted from your Parent eWallet and you will be issued a virtual card on the spot as we work on a physical card to be shipped to you. 

As a note of Thank you and for all applications received on or before 31st December 2022, RM 20 will be refunded back to your Parent eWallet within 14 days upon activating your card.

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Third : Physical Card Activation

Activate your Vircle VISA card after receiving it in the mail. Here's how: 

Step 1. Login to your Vircle app. 

Step 2. Tap on your child's profile page. 

Step 3. Tap on “Manage Card”  

Step 4. Select “VISA Card”. 

Step 5. Select “Activate Card”. 

Step 6. Scan card or enter card details.  

Step 7. Create ATM and Spending PIN. 


To activate contactless payments, make your first purchase using Chip & PIN. Give allowance to your child to allow spending.
Steps to do so here -  

Get Support 

For us to to be effective to help you, we 1st request you to look at the FAQ quick links, common problems to see if you can find an answer to your queries. If you are unable to, please reach out to our support teams:


Customer Care :

Please WhatsApp us at +6011 11176000 . 

This is a CHAT ONLY line ( click to chat now ) - Mon - Fri (9AM to 5PM)


Email Support :

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