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Welcome to Vircle
@ School

Dear Parents, Welcome to Vircle.

This Parent onboarding guide site provides you with all the required information to register for a Vircle account and get your child going cashless at your respective school.

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Before your start

Only 1 Parent should manage the pocket money, purchases and meal needs for all your children. Please decide who will take primary responsibility to use Vircle.

Download the Vircle App and start by Creating your parent account.


Note : Children DO NOT need to register for Vircle. They get a card or use their existing school card as a payment card. Once you setup your parent accounts, you may enable a child app logins through your parent App.

Lets Get started - 3 Step Registration process

It takes less then 5 minutes to register for a Parent account and onboard your child.




Step 1 
Download & Register
Parent Account


Step 2 
Add Child and connect to school within the app.

Step 3 
Start using Vircle

You should have received a Vircle invite email with a QR code that is unique for your child. New schools coming onboard April 2022 onwards may also receive as 16 Digit e-invite code, for simpler onboarding of your child.


First : Register for a Parent Account

Step 1 - Create an account by tapping Sign-Up

Step 2 - Enter 6 Digit OTP Pin you will receive via SMS 

Step 3 - Activate Parent e-Wallet

(Please enter correct NRIC / Passport details of parent here) 

Step 4 - Setup a 6 digit User PIN 

(This User PIN is for all secure transactions on the app) 

Congratulations! You now have a parent account ready and able to navigate Parent Home Dashboard. 

Note : Vircle operates a Central Bank Regulated e-Wallet. Please make sure your basic account setup uses correct Parent Data.

Second : Add Your Child

This Step adds your child as your dependent account user.

Step 1 - From Parent Home, Tap Add Child
Step 2 - Register your child details with Photo - Please use correct data as all accounts will be audited by our compliance teams
Step 3 - Press Confirm to add your Child. A success message should pop up, indicating your child has been registered as your dependent in Vircle.

Note :  NRIC duplicates will be rejected, always use the correct passport OR NRIC number when registering for a Vircle Account


Third : Connect to your school

Connect to school is where you link your child’s account to the payment services linked to the school. You must have either a QR code or a 16 digit e-invite code provided in the invite email from us. E-invite code is ONLY provided for schools coming onboard April 2022 onwards.

Step 1 - Select Connect to School
Step 2 - If you have a 16 Digit E-invite code, you may use it and enter the 16 digit invite code. If you don't have an invite code, please select Scan QR and scan the QR Code provided for the child. These codes are unique, please don't mix it up with other children you may have at this school
Step 3 - You will see a confirmation page, Please confirm. A pop up saying Success should appear.

Congratulations :

Your child may now use the Vircle School Cashless System.

Step by step onboarding video 

Watch this onboarding parent guide video to see how Vircle works OR you may browse down for step by step guides.

Daily use of Vircle 

Vircle automatically enables features supported for each school. Some features not supported by your school will not be visible until a later date. here are some common features and how you can use this. 

Cash Allowance - See FAQs on cash allowance here (click me)

Purchase Meal plans - See FAQ on meal Plans here (click me)

Get Support 

For us to to be effective to help you, we 1st request you to look at the FAQ quick links, common problems to see if you can find an answer to your queries. If you are unable to, please reach out to our support teams:


Customer Care :

Please WhatsApp us at +6011 11176000 . 

This is a CHAT ONLY line ( click to chat now ) - Mon - Fri (9AM to 5PM)


Email Support :

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