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Your Child's Passport to Protection and Possibilities

For parents, peace of mind is invaluable. With personal accident coverage, you can focus on their growth, knowing that our plan has their safety covered. From minor incidents to unforeseen accidents, we've got you and your child protected.

Policy Coverage

Here’s what your child will be covered for when you have an active Club Protect Plan subscription with us:


How does my child get covered under this personal accident insurance?


What happens to the coverage if I cancel an ongoing Club Protect plan?


When would the insurance coverage start? 


How do I initiate a claim?

The information above is just a summary of this product. For more information on precise terms, exclusions and conditions, you may read the product information.

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For us to to be effective to help you, we 1st request you to look at the FAQ quick links, common problems to see if you can find an answer to your queries. If you are unable to, please reach out to our support teams:


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