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Digital School with U Mobile

Digital School with U Mobile

U Mobile, as a digital company, is bringing digitalization to the Government schools in Malaysia as part of our aspiration to build a strong and competent future generation. Together with our technology partner, we are bringing the best cashless ecosystem to you!

Benefits of the Cashless Application

The Cashless School System and its application from Vircle enables children to spend smart and safely and master financial literacy.


​Instant allowance anytime, anywhere


Parental monitoring through notifications


Rewards and savings through mission and goal setting


Security features, card freezing, and replacement


Let's Get Started!

To create a Vircle account, we require only ONE Parent to manage the pocket money, purchases and meal needs for your children. This will be the Primary Vircle app user.


Note: Children DO NOT need to register for a Vircle account on their own.

To create a Vircle account, we require only ONE Parent to manage the pocket money, purchases and meal needs for your children. This will be the Primary Vircle app user.

Easy 3-Step Registration Process

Note: You would have received a Vircle invite email with a QR code and a 16-digit e-invite code that is unique to your child’s account. 

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Step 1:
Create a New Parent Account​

  1. Create an account by tapping “Sign Up”

  2. Enter the 6-digit OTP (One-Time PIN) you will receive via SMS 

  3. Activate the Parent e-Wallet (Please enter correct NRIC / Passport details of the parent here) 

  4. Set up a 6-digit User PIN (This User PIN is for all secured transactions on the app) 

Congratulations! You now have a parent account ready to navigate the Parent Home Dashboard.

Note: Vircle is an e-wallet licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Malaysia. Please ensure that the Parent Data used for your basic account setup is accurate.

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Step 2:
Add Your Child’s Account

This step adds your child as your dependent account user.


  1. From the Parent Homepage, tap “Add Child”

  2. Register your child’s details with a photo. Please ensure that the data is accurate as all accounts will be audited by our compliance team

  3. Press “Confirm” to add your child. A success message should pop up, indicating your child has been registered as your dependent in Vircle


Note:  Only ONE NRIC is accepted per account. Please ensure to use a new and valid NRIC OR passport number when registering for a Vircle account.


Step 3:
Connect To School

This step allows you to link your child’s account to the payment services for the school. You must have either a QR code OR a 16-digit e-invite code provided in the invite email from us. 

  1. Select “Connect to School”

  2. If you have a 16-digit e-invite code, you may use it and enter the 16-digit invite code. If you do not have an invite code, please select “Scan QR” and scan the QR code provided for the child. These codes are unique; therefore please do not mix it up with other children you may have at this school

  3. Select “Confirm”. You should receive a “Success” notification

Your child may now use the Vircle School Cashless System.

Onboarding Video Tutorial

Check out this onboarding guide video to see how Vircle works.


Lost your card and need a replacement? 

  1. Navigate to the app’s home page, select your child’s account and click “Manage Card”

  2. Freeze the existing card in the app

  3. Go to “School e-Store”

  4. Pick the replacement item needed and add to cart

  5. Proceed to checkout and make the payment in the app

  6. Done! Your child will receive the new replacement from the school soon

Get Support

You can check our FAQs or contact our support team:

Customer Support

💬 WhatsApp: +6011 1117 6000 (Chat Only) 

Click here to start chat

Monday to Friday (7 AM – 10 PM)

Saturday to Sunday (11 AM – 7 PM)

📧 Email:

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